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Still cant create clan
Hi Spadie,

I level up my two new chars they are 80lvl with tons of SP and has all the materials that is needed to create a clan but again same story: Clan name cannot be used.

My new char names: EdvardInnadril and EdvardShare,

Also these two char they never been in clan before as its new chars so it cannot be 7 days penalty as i said before your server have to many issues that needs to be fixed...

BR's still have Oren castle because of this issue Spadie, eleos help me.
The log said "Error: Player has zero frags".

What that have to do with creating clan?,

It feels like you have to pass the school exam to be able create a clan in IA,

What more excuses we will find for it?.

Can you at least rename my SK char: LeagueOfLegends to EdvardLTU or any name with Edvard so i can put donate items on it because this char is a leader. Maybe in that way i can finally have a clan for attack castles?
(Thursday, September 30th, 2021, 02:07 PM)Spadie Wrote: The log said "Error: Player has zero frags".
Go Spadie rename that name.

we gonna rape asses this weekend
Edvard many of these clan creation limits were added back in 2011-2013 due to kids spamming to make clans.

I just checked the log to see what the error was.

I renamed the char LeagueOfLegends to EdvardLTU.
Okay can you add clan on my new char manually by yourself?. I don't need it to be lvl 5 i have SP for increase it afterwards and i have materials in inventory already?. Char name:EdvardShare and another one EdvardInnadril if you can add for them both then amazing if not at least for EdvardShare

You can put any name for clan i don't care about names.

Thank you.
List it like this:

Char name - Clan name
Char name: EdvardShare Clan name:Suicide Squad

Char name: EdvardInnadril Clan name: MoronsSquad

Thank you

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