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New linking website
Hey to everyone.I am waiting for 4 accs more than 60 days b/c the email is not correct or maybe i put back in time random birthday infos i cant remember what i was thinking before 10 and more years . I would like to ask specially Spadie when the new linking website will be ready as staff members told me before 1 month that you are preparing a new project to help people like me.
omg i guess only vecna can help you..
y for sure Smile
just get new accounts I dont understand whats this thirst for old accounts which you barely remember.
I had many weaps ++ that now i cant make them , so thats why the "thirst" of getting old accounts
I hope spadie doesn't do this, because I myself have lost accounts because some players try to look up your personal information to steal accounts!
if you don't know your account details that's your responsibility!

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